The number of people who have taken up Karatekas a hobby is about 100.000.000 all over the world, out of which 10.000.000 are active Karate Athletes. World Karate Federation (W.K.F.) consists of 186 active state-members.

The Greek Karate Federation was founded in 1986, while in 1990 it was recognized by the General Secretary of Sports and by the International Olympic Committee.

Up to now, there are more than 15.000 active athletes and 486 Karate Schools (Clubs) all over Greece, registered in the records of the Greek Karate Federation.

In international level, Greece is, almost always, among the top 10 countries, for the last 15 years, in both Individual and Team games.

These results are, obviously, not accidental, since we refer to a long time, while everybody can understand the importance of these results, since we refer to a small country, both in size and therefore population.

Greek Karate is ahead of the U.S.A, China, Canada, England, Germany and many more countries bigger in size and population.

The rules established by W.K.F. are such that ensure the physical integrity of the athlete, especially in the children’s categories, where rules are very strict and no contact is allowed.

Precautions (protective mask, mouth guard, protective armor, mitts and shin pads)have been mandatory for many years now. Every athlete, who participates in Karate Championships, is obliged to follow these regulations, not only for his/her own protection, but also for his opponent’s.

Karate, in spite of what is believed and contrary to Football, Gymnastics, Ice-skating and many more sports, is a safe way to exercise.

This is proven by long term researches, stating that there are only few injuries during Karate games.

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