We have represented our country abroad for many years, since we have been members of he Greek National Karate Team; from Juniors to Seniors.

We managed to distinguish ourselves in many championships. Owing to our victories we managed to gain and ensure our admittance in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Physical Education/Science division without taking any exams.

The procedure of the games as well as that of the training required when we refer to high level sports, helped us in forming/building our character and evolving our personality, by engraving, through all these years, pieces of their work.

The road to participating in championships is by no means easy; There is a lot of pressure; both physical and psychological. This is why not everybody is suitable for high level sport; It is only for those who can and are willing.

Our Olympic Champion in Weight Lifting, Pyrros Dimas had once stated ” You are not to decide whether you will be or not a champion. Championships choose you.”

So, not all children should be forced into becoming champions. Each child is a unique human being, a unique personality, a unique little man carrying in its soul his/her own motivation, its own goals, its own needs, its own perception of the world, its own needs and insecurities. That’s why children should be dealt as such.

A child should be encouraged to try, to fight, to think for him-self and take chances; all of these should be cultivated through the process of training first and then championships.

A coach should impel his athletes first to fight and then distinguish; first to participate and then win; first to perform and then care about the result.

In the past few years, the Greek Karate Federation organizes many official championships (besides the National Cups and Championships, where the athletes’ level is really high) just to serve this purpose; the purpose of giving the athletes the opportunity to participate in a championship in order to accumulate experience and help him/her improve his/her performance at training.

The children, who love practicing in Karate, should always have in mind that their main motivation should be Joy, Knowledge and entertainment; these are things Karate offers its pupils freely, not to mention that it keeps you away from stress and the hard work out champions have to go through.

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